This is possible with the all options

Anyone with log in authorisation can use the pitch booking system to see what is going on without contacting the office. You can set up multiple users with our Elite system, for use with tablets and Smartphones, so that everyone is on the same page with completely up to date information.

These are available in the extra features, including things like fire pits, all three versions provide for these.

Yes, our Premium system is flexibly designed to have limitless options with add-on features that you can use or turn off as you wish. Please call to discuss your needs for a price and demonstration button to see the demo.

The Premium pitch booking system is flexible and allows for more services and features to be added if you wish. Please click to view the demonstration and if you have any more questions please call us.

Yes, the system requests a deposit for pre-booked pitches and then sends a reminder to the guest to pay their final payment at the right time to secure the booking.

Yes, if you have the space, friends can certainly book pitches next to each other.

Yes, you can set up a vetting system with a short delay - you will be notified when a booking is made and confirm it later with guests, if this is your preference.

The calendar allows for repeat bookings into the next year or beyond. You can control which dates people can book

No - we just charge an annual fee - a single payment in July covers the whole season, with a small deposit up front

Yes the pitch booking system can take online payments. The system can be linked to a number of payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe etc. People can pay using credit cards securely. All the fees people pay will come straight to your bank account with most providers, although some providers might take a percentage, which is beyond our control. Please ask for details.

Yes, the data is completely secured by our usual security methods, GDPR compliant and completely secure stored in the Cloud with all personal data encrypted.

Yes, a management package is included with all the options, as makes it extremely easy to handle all your business activities online. The management package saves a lot of paperwork, hassle, and gives an instant overview of all bookings, invoicing, administration and more.

We can add the Budget and standard versions of the system to your site in a couple of days. Our Premium system may take a little longer depending on complexity, but generally two weeks is average to get all set up. Please call us for advice if you need a premium, bespoke option just for you, because campsites, and your needs, vary considerably!

Yes the pitch booking system is designed along our usual booking system lines, which have been in use for many years. They are easy to learn and easy in use. Plus as a registered member you can call our support team any day of the week, during office hours if you have any queries.

The Budget pitch booking system has a limited number of pitches. The Premium version has more pitches. All options have add-ons for things like pup tents, extensions, awnings, firepits, firewood, etc.

Yes, the booking booking system can be adjusted to suit all your needs.

Yes, as longstanding website designers, we can provide a great website for you or offer a refreshment to your original site for an extra fee, SEO packages to boost your site`s visitors, complete with pitch booking system to match, for a very reasonable price. Please call for a quote.