About Us

About Us

20 years in the world of Website and Booking System development

Best Bookings has spent many years developing booking systems that attach to websites for many types of clients and industries. Book My Pitches is a software programme that we have created especially to fit the niche of flexible booking systems which are easily available.  The plugin is quick to add to your website and means that you are in sole charge of bookings and don`t have to outsource this to another agency or booking platform.  Our camping pitch booking system is both flexible and great value for money for those in the camping and leisure industry who want to take their own bookings and payments online for campers, and get a great value paperless system for booking out their pitches.

Be in charge of your own campsite booking system!

Our booking systems were developed with website clients who needed a platform to handle bookings - but not only that; they wanted booking systems which saved time, by handling the regular functions of other areas of their business, using Smartphone or tablets, wherever they had an Internet connection, and communicated immediately with guests, via email or sms.  With the expansion of 4G and 5G, this is getting better even on remote campsites, and resize to any device, so that guests to your campsite can view all the information they need easily on their Smartphones whilst on their travels, too.

Our booking and management systems are designed to help you do more, with less!

We offer full support with all our booking systems to ensure that the customer is set up, happy, and able to work with them.  You will get real-time help from real people in our offices in Eastbourne - not be frustrated by internet bots.  (In fact - we don`t get many phone calls because our booking systems really are THAT intuitive and easy to use!)

Talk to us, about booking systems for your campsite business, in fact any kind of business

For any business where booking slots, appointments and much more would be helpful and help your company grow without adding to your labour costs, feel free to contact us for a chat about your needs, and a demonstration of our products, websites and booking systems, pitch booking systems, campervan hire booking systems and more.