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Why Choose Us?

Our booking system is great value for money - with ZERO commission on bookings entered by you, or your guests.

With a wealth of experience in the bookings industry, our team of professional web designers offer you our personal support to get up and running with your campsite booking system. So, if, once you have registered, you have any questions, or issues -  just call us. We do not use chatbots that only answer set questions - you will talk to a friendly team of real people 9-5 on weekdays, and email support can even sometimes be available after hours.

Once your booking system is in use, you will soon find that bookings management is a very simple matter.  And the campsite booking system is a paperless system - which will save you money too. 

So your campsite booking system helps by:

  • Costing much less than other campsite booking systems 
  • Keeping control of your pitch bookings
  • Speeding up your administration
  • Everything in one handy place
  • Automating many routine applications
  • Keeping up-to-the-minute communication with campers
  • Acknowledging all contacts and saving all correspondence
  • Promoting your business
  • Handling payments and accounts
  • Enabling paperless working
  • Easily operated from Smartphone, or tablet

So - easy bookings, and no commission to pay - what`s not to like? 

Call us today, to discuss your new campsite booking system.

Book My Pitches

Do you own or run a campsite?

Would you prefer NOT to pay commission on bookings?

Most campsites use external booking systems for camping pitches, which charge commission, even for bookings directly from their own website.  But the good news is, you can have your booking system, and pay NO commission!

Keep Visitors Engaged on Your Very Own Page!

External booking systems do bring in bookings.  However, visitors and even repeat guests who want to book their pitch have to move away from your own website onto another booking platform - where they might click on links to other campsites so you lose bookings.

BookMyPitches have designed a new booking system for you, which works 24/7 to take bookings, with a plugin for your website for visitors to book themselves in.  And no worries - you are totally in control of bookings.  And all three versions of our booking system have a great booking management system, which saves YOU time - and money.

The advantages of BookMyPitches are:

  • You do not pay commission on bookings
  • This is your own, personal booking system 
  • You take payments direct
  • We do not charge commission 
  • It can be used alongside other systems
  • You do not pay extra commission for repeat bookings. 

BookMyPitches can handle big campsites, small campsites, and glamping sites - in fact any type of campsite bookings! 

it can handle a variety of pitch types, electric, hardstanding or soft pitches, tent pitches, family pitches, etc. It can also handle bookable extras, such as fire pits, firewood, boat hire, or whatever you need. This booking system is designed around YOUR needs - and only yours!  We are not charging commission on every booking, just a small annual fee in July. All booking payments go directly to your own bank account, and you can run this in conjunction with other campsite booking engines for as long as you like, so you do not lose any bookings.

Booking Management System

When it comes to booking out campsite pitches, this exciting package is far more than just a front end booking system; it is a proper booking management system especially designed for campsites, which saves you time, and money, and draws everything together in one tidy and easily accessible place, for you, your campsite managers, and staff.

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Book My Pitches

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Book My Pitches

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